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Unique Hybrid Design To Enhance Clinical Performance

 YUKON Choice PC is the first DES that combines the synergy of microporous surface with small amount of biodegradable polymer.The stent has a microscopically rough surface made up of micro pores with a density of 1 million pores per cm2 and an average micro pore depth of approx. 2 micrometers. The coating solution fills the micropores completely and creates a uniformed layer after evaporation of the solvent that it is dissolved in.

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Microporous Surface Enables Low Polymeric Load

YUKON Choice PC has microporous surface that enables drug loading and also participates in the process of slow drug release .The bonding of the drug layer is firm due to the Van-der-Waals forces between the drug and the surface. Microporous surface enables the use of very small amount of biodegradable polymer for achieving the optimum drug loading and drug release.

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Low Biodegradable Polymeric Load Ensures Long Term Safety

Drug-eluting stents (DES) were primarily introduced to reduce in-stent neointimal formation and therefore minimize the occurrence of restenosis, which was the major drawback of coronary interventions with bare-metal stents.

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Arterial Healing is important to prevent late events

YUKON choice PC has better arterial healing due to lesser biodegradable polymeric load that degrades in 6-9 months leaving behind a BMS. In addition, drug and polymer are only present on the abluminal side of the Stent.. YUKON Choice PC’s drug polymer matrix is coated only on the abluminal side using patent stent coating technology for drug release only to target tissue.

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Pre-Clinical Data Creates a Strong Hypothesis For Human Trial

 YUKON Choice PC has one of the most robust Preclinical data that establishes the hypothesis of its efficacy and safety trial. The clinical data which is published Biomaterials demonstrates the safety of the combination of the microporous surface with biodegradable polymer for releasing Sirolimus. It also proves a slow drug rease over 4 weeks with adequate drug concentrations at vascular and peri-vascular tissues.

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Published Clinical Data In Index Journals Has High Credibility

YUKON Choice PC has credible data published in Journal of American College of Cardiology(JACC) & European Heart Journal(EHJ) for its efficacy and long term safety a trial getting published has high credibility and can be extrapolated to a larger patient populations. As per report published by Thomson Reuters, JACC and EHJ were amongst the top 5 journals in cardiology in the year 2012 and that confirms the robustness and objectivity of the ISAR Test 3 and ISAR TEST 4

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Importance of Equivalence and Non-Inferiority Trial

YUKON Choice PC is one of few drug eluting stents which have undergone robust equivalence and non –inferiority trials with the existing DES technologies. In a unique trial called ISAR TEST 4 which was published in Journal Of American college of Cardiology, YUKON choice PC was compared with Xience and Cypher with 2: 1 randomisation in over 2600 patients.YUKON PC showed non inferiority to Xience And Cypher despite using minimal polymer.

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Long Term Safety Is An Important Feature Of DES Performance

 YUKON Choice PC has long term safety data upto 4 years for MACE and shows 78% less Very Late stent trombosis(VLST) compared to first generation DES. In ISAR TEST -4, YUKON has shown non-inferiority to Xience and Cypher in a prospective randomized trial in over 2600 patients done in Europeover a period of 4 years.

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Good Randomized Controlled Trials are Key To Proving a Technology

 YUKON Choice PC has undergone robust randomized Controlled trials to prove its efficacy and safety. ISAR Test 4 is the first prospective, randomized trial which compare 3 DES for their efficacy and safety.YUKON choice PC, Cypher & Xience are compared head to head in an all-comer population.In ISAR TEST -4,YUKON has shown non-inferiority to Xience & Cypher in a prospective randomized trial in over 2600 patients done in Europe.

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Yukon Choice PC is next generation Stent technology which combines the optimum drug release kinetics to match the safety of bare metal Stent platform.

Dr.Robert Byrne - German Heart Centre

DES is complex technology which can only be proven by extensive animal studies and randomized clinical Trials

Dr.Adnan Kastrai - German Heart Centre
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